Some of my older handstitched/environmental quilting projects deriving from a world called Broken Velcroe Land. Theres Archons and imaginary friends and a whole lotta hasty stitching. Scroll down to see more...

                                              "the mythology of broken velcroe land theatre"
                                                          sancho gallery, summer 2011

my first fabric-oriented artshow
"Last day of broken velcroe land"  installation
at the landing party gallery june 2009 L.A. artwalk 

interpreted into....
"Broken Velcroe land shoppe" rope swing stage 2010  (9 ft x 15ft)
                                                                      @ vlad the retailer's in L.A.

         the monster-o-matic "make your own archon" game (10 ft x 4 ft)

a few more things...

                                                       these are the bags that inspired the lifesize stage backdrops

                                            the imaginary friends sometimes like to make an appearance

                                                                                      bassist costume

  my little archons

                                                                                    stolen :(

                                                        one of my life-size marionettes relaxing

                                                           full body serpant hood for johann ess

                                                            puppy hood for me and character doll for NVR-NDR

                               sitting in my room in a costume i made out of fake flowers and a snakie scarf

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