Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home Decorating and Quilting with Glue

A few fun things to improve the concrete 
box in the ghetto where I live.

Baby's Wall: 

Drunk one night, ordered a whole bunch of $10 vintage baby record lots off of ebay. Did you know in the 40's they printed on the records? They were cardboard. Amazing. Well I only got one of those in that lot, they're a little more collectie.

1940's cardboard record

Most of them look a lot cooler on the wall than they sound, but I sure love those old-timey style singers, they feel so pure. Sometimes me and the baby have a record party- hanging them on the wall make them very accessible..too accessible.

Wall Hanging

that used to be our coffee table.
Broken table + Mod Podge + 1970's science book

Trash Chairs:

Mod Podge is strong, but apparently not strong enough to laquer tapestry to vinyl..or is it? 4 more coats might be in order, but in the meantime, its useable. My husband randomly drew some sort of quilt pattern on these chairs from the trash, I immediately went to Michael Levines, cause sometimes destiny calls..and then they're outside chairs you're much more forgiven of sloppy handiwork, so I say.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Packaging is the best part about Holiday Crafting

 I've been making things for my family at christmas since I was a broke little child, its become a tradition, and I love to show them my appreciation with something cute and a little painstaking. I've taken to making "homemade soap" and candy orange peels lately, but the packaging is the funnest part.

Last Year:
This soap packaging was made out of a pair of old lace tights, an insert from an old Capitol records generic insert from "M'lady Your Figure". Fastened with twine, and the tags are felt-covered fabric with a little ribbon embelishment.
This Year:

full gift set

Chocolate dipped candied orange peels - google the recipie. its super tasty and has a ton of vitamin C. Dark chocolate is the best. Mine aren't very pretty but they are delicious!

I created this quilt pattern in photoshop out of vintage fabric swatches, stole a cute box pattern on line and printed on card stock.

Honey, Orange and Goat Milk soap, with a layer of black tea.  Soap making is easy when you get the pre-made base (from Michaels) then you just melt it in a pan, stirring constantly, and add all of the lovely things you want, then pour in a flexible mold and freeze. Boom! Plastic baby food containers work great for molds.

The soap packaging is pages of some old broken up1930's Punch anthology I found at Strand. I did the labels in illustrator and printed them out on sticker paper.

Printed the quilt pattern out on stickers for fun and it made a nice last minute label to coordinate the marmalade.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blue Violence

My Velcroe is no more. Now I am doing a new band with my husband: Blue Violence (formerly Bunny Bunny)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I have been designing skateboards and longboards for a distro here in Pasadena.
You can buy some of them at our retail sites or or They sell them for pretty cheap on there so thats nice.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New toys for sale!

Last week I made some handbags a new line of "kids" pillow toys called "Sleepy Squares". I don't have a camera so..sorry, you're gonna have to go down to The Hive Gallery (7th and Spring downtown L.A.) where they're shacked up with Marcel Dejure's Cinnamon Roll gang to see them (you'll know its my section by the broken velcroe sigils)...and then you should buy one too please. thank you.

..but if you don't live in Los Angeles, new stuff will be up on my etsy store soon..

Algae and Fungus installation up at Homeroom

I am going to perform my "Algae and Fungus" play here on January 25, 2011 10 pm.
Theres the house and a few familiar fungus faces..the disease was too big for this space,  but nothin a little grapefruit seed extract and algae can't fix;).

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Algae and fungus" installation/play r1

I wish i had videotaped this performance, or at least gotten a picture, but heres a picture of the house built on a disease (inside is the suicide club..uh oh!).

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I will be in your house at greg-n-ray's house LIVE on Itunes tomorrow night on one of my favorite poddycasts on my favorite station.
577 NORTH KENMORE AVE on Magic Monster Radio (Itunes-->Alternative) or
this Monday, 8pm

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"The mythology of broken velcroe land" Cabaret Show..a comedy of errors

 July 8th, July 9th (abridged set) & July 15, July 16  8 pm @1549 sunset, los angeles 

"sorry i caused all these problems with this sigil"
                                           I  didnt know magic was real

                                                                   here, watch this:

now u get it? its supposed to be funny.

SHOW #2: Sold out! good thing i bought this slutty thing.

SHOW #1 photos by Marianne Williams
black and white stripes are non-ohmic--so when you wear them its telling the world you have little resistance... 

Presenting: Maccubbins the mime! several years ago the two of us sat in a basement being pissed off we didnt have superpowers. then colin maccubbin decided to be a mime. this is his first gig. he's great!!

we were hungry and tried to manifest pizza but what we got was a guest appearance by NVR-NDR

                                           dear person who gave me wine: thank you, i had cotton mouth.

i failed at my magic trick so the magic box manifested a guest appearance by Lucas Lanthier with a great magic act!

tookie binky isnt that imaginary! she's been helping me hang the set and keep sanity the whole way!

                         i met dallas in oregon the same week i was inventing and writing the background story on these guys....weeeiiirrrd.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

plush cabaret costume

i love it when staying up all night rewards you in the morning... a head/shoulder piece for the plush purgatory cabaret..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NVR-NDR Release!!

My Velcroe collaborator [TLR] released his new ep this week............  or
"NVR-NDR, pronounced “Never Ender”, is a imaginary universe portrayed through music, visual art, and live performance. Creative mastermind and frontman Taylor Shechet, AKA [tlr], dons magical pizza armor to battle the forces of evil with a arsenal of synthesizers in a reality inspired by anime, videogames, and m-theory.  Drawing from a diverse array of influences including Breakcore, Eurobeat, and Happy Hardcore, Shechet created MAGICORE, a genre which combines extreme electronic dance music with the over-the-top epicness  of fantasy metal bands like Dragonforce." So go download it!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fancy Space People record release

Yes, it is me, that mysterious blonde in Fancy Space People who came and went. Dispite rumours the decision to leave was all mine and 75% personal. Well, they just released their first Vinyl E.P., recorded at Coldwater Studios (Smashing pumpkins studio) and released on Starry Records. It looks and sounds great, and yes I think that's me singing backup. That was nice of Don (or maybe not, who knows?) to put the face of this ex-band member all over the album. I don't know where to buy it, mine was free, but heres a link to a single:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowboarding with my imaginary friend

Seems no matter where I go one of my imaginary friends pop up:) Apparently this guy is a pretty good skiier. We didnt get much footage, as my camera froze up, but theres still a bit of fun inside. The song on this video is one off of the upcoming EP and in collaboration with NVR-NDR.