Sunday, July 3, 2011

"The mythology of broken velcroe land" Cabaret Show..a comedy of errors

 July 8th, July 9th (abridged set) & July 15, July 16  8 pm @1549 sunset, los angeles 

"sorry i caused all these problems with this sigil"
                                           I  didnt know magic was real

                                                                   here, watch this:

now u get it? its supposed to be funny.

SHOW #2: Sold out! good thing i bought this slutty thing.

SHOW #1 photos by Marianne Williams
black and white stripes are non-ohmic--so when you wear them its telling the world you have little resistance... 

Presenting: Maccubbins the mime! several years ago the two of us sat in a basement being pissed off we didnt have superpowers. then colin maccubbin decided to be a mime. this is his first gig. he's great!!

we were hungry and tried to manifest pizza but what we got was a guest appearance by NVR-NDR

                                           dear person who gave me wine: thank you, i had cotton mouth.

i failed at my magic trick so the magic box manifested a guest appearance by Lucas Lanthier with a great magic act!

tookie binky isnt that imaginary! she's been helping me hang the set and keep sanity the whole way!

                         i met dallas in oregon the same week i was inventing and writing the background story on these guys....weeeiiirrrd.

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