Below you can listen to songs from the last release on this handy dandy ipod:

"Prophets of The Broken Velcroe" (Broken Velcroe Collective 2008)
All songs written/produced by Emily Blong.
Tracks 1,2,3,7 co-produced and engineered by Chad Carlisle recorded at his house and at Encore Studios in Burbank, CA.
Tracks 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 co-produced/engineered by Michael Ault, Recorded at his house and at Westlake Studios in Hollywood, CA.
Mastered by Grammy Nominated Mike Lazer (Gnarls Barkley, Black Rebel Moto..).
*Album artwork by emily blong, photograph courtesy Ana Paula Negrao.

"My Velcroe" (self-released 2004)
All songs written/produced/performed by Emily Blong.
Vocals recorded/mixed at Uneven Studios in Denver, CO.
Listen to MP3: Burning Anthem__Non-Ohmic

Super cool compilations (U CAN DOWNLOAD HERE!)

Magic Monster Records Compilation
(the new label we are involved with!! featuring new projects from
many of my fearless rocknroller friends in the L.A. Eastside)

RoboRobotica Summer Bummer Compilation 2009

dillon campbell-light observations
"Light Observations" by Dillon Campbell (released 2008)
Dillon is a friend of mine, and I sang background vocals on track 4.

"Emily" by Dj CASTOR (released 2005) - I Wrote/Performed Vocals

"School of Floating"
My first band. Denver 2003-2004 _Download Album Here for Free!!