Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home Decorating and Quilting with Glue

A few fun things to improve the concrete 
box in the ghetto where I live.

Baby's Wall: 

Drunk one night, ordered a whole bunch of $10 vintage baby record lots off of ebay. Did you know in the 40's they printed on the records? They were cardboard. Amazing. Well I only got one of those in that lot, they're a little more collectie.

1940's cardboard record

Most of them look a lot cooler on the wall than they sound, but I sure love those old-timey style singers, they feel so pure. Sometimes me and the baby have a record party- hanging them on the wall make them very accessible..too accessible.

Wall Hanging

that used to be our coffee table.
Broken table + Mod Podge + 1970's science book

Trash Chairs:

Mod Podge is strong, but apparently not strong enough to laquer tapestry to vinyl..or is it? 4 more coats might be in order, but in the meantime, its useable. My husband randomly drew some sort of quilt pattern on these chairs from the trash, I immediately went to Michael Levines, cause sometimes destiny calls..and then they're outside chairs you're much more forgiven of sloppy handiwork, so I say.

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